Configuration On Canon Pixma TS8300

Canon Pixma TS8300 set up procedure

Print Head Cleaning of Canon Pixma TS8300

Printers are equipped with printer heads that allow users to photocopy the process. The printed heads comprise power systems & injectors that enable the color to have seamlessly flowed on sheet.

The following methods are provided to wash up the Canon Pixma TS8300 printer carefully.

  • Switch on the Canon TS8300.
  • Throughout the papers section place the stack of paper.
  • Press the Yes tab once the length of the sheet is A4 / normal paper.
  • Unlock the control menu and choose the main screen configuration tab.
  • Choose Maintenance -> Intense Clean -> up Yes.
  • The machine begins the procedure of thorough cleanup.
  • Tap the OKAY button on the Sequence photocopy verification display.
  • Select OKAY and inspect the design of the injector.

Canon Pixma  TS8300 manual steps for unboxing

To established the Canon Pixma TS8300 device, complete the following steps for unpacking.

  • Put the Canon Pixma TS8300 device package on its flank and slashed the adhesive gripping the flaps around each other.
  • Extract off the input cord as well as ink tanks of the Canon Pixma TS8322 printer, Canon installation Dvd, and instruction guide.
  • Remove the machine packaging of the Canon Pixma TS8300 from the carton and put the machine straight upon the desk.
  • Pick up the bubble wrap pads from the corner of the Canon Pixma machine and afterward take away the lid.
  • Remove the cassette off the Canon Pixma TS8350. Peel the covering from the device dashboards.
  • Unlock the entry hatch of the Canon Pixma device.
  • Retrieve ink tanks from the package of the Canon TS8300, detach safety clips and set it in gaps. Insert it inside its spaces, until it is locked. Lock the entrance gate of the canister.
  • Lift the sheet intake drawer for the Canon Pixma TS8350 printer, insert a pile of sheets on it & enhance the paper outlet valve.
  • Connect the electrical cord and socket of the Canon Pixma TS8300 printer towards the Canon Pixma machine. Push the Main Switch.
  • Setup the application of Canon series printer driver on the Desktop to print out the page.

How to Wi-Fi Configure the Canon Pixma TS8300 Printer

  • Ensure that the Canon TS8300 machine is activated.
  • Click the Menu option on the Canon series printer User Dashboard.
  • Make contact with the Wi-Fi button, afterward push the Local network configuration choice, and afterward choose the Wi-Fi Network icon.
  • Click Configuration of the Wlan and select Simple Wlan Connection.
  • Click the Agree option and watch until the laptop displays the Tutorial window.
  • Execute the computer configuration program and tap on Begin Installation.
  • Pick the area’s designation and afterward pick Continue. Press the Continue button in the Licensing Accord chat field.
  • Under Extend Research Project chatbox, select Confirm or don’t confirm icon.
  • Upon on the network settings page, choose And then tap Agree.
  • Specify the WLAN connectivity spot’s id, and after that enter the networking credential, finally press Next.
  • Choose the Continue option mostly on the finished page of the connection.
  • Select the program users would like to activate then press Next.
  • Then select Skip or continue icon as well as select the Exit icon upon the configuration finishes correctly page.

How get printouts using the Canon Pixma TS8300

Understand how to get printouts of photographs by following the guidance:

  • Remove the device’s rear drawer lid and bend the sheet backward.
  • Unlock the feeder slots lid at the following stage throughout the print operation.
  • Move the sheet size manuals outwards then place the picture sheets.
  • Throughout landscape mode, always store the picture sheet to prevent problems. The edge of the printer is facing upward.
  • Arrange the wide guidelines on the sheet then shut the feeder hole correspondingly.
  • Throughout the system preferences display, examine the paper layout and kind of content. And if you’d like, modify it or click upon the Agree button.
  • Choose the desktop’s photographs to be duplicated and hit on Print button.
  • Enter throughout the following phase for the number of photocopies. If needed, change any additional parameters.
  • Tap Print to get printouts.

Canon Airprint configuration on Canon Pixma TS8300

Using the AirPrint function, you may print the images from Mac OS computers. Follow the steps outlined below to copy the AirPrint function on the Canon Pixma TS8350 color printer.

  • Click the Main button to turn on the Pixma TS8300.
  • Attach the Canon Pixma TS8300 towards the internet through a wifi connection.
  • Connect the Mac towards the same wireless connection as a printer. Choose the picture you wish to photocopy on the Mac.
  • Select the relevant parameters, including the number of prints, paper length, as well as other preferences.
  • Choose the Canon Pixma TS8322 Setup among the device catalog.
  • When users press Print, the photos you’ve chosen would be photocopied to your laptop.

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